For TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine HuCARD (Released August 2014)

Somewhere in deep space, a lone hero detects signals from a distant planet, a planet whose lands were submerged under vast oceans centuries ago. That planet is Atlantis, and it has come under threat by a race of evil machines - the Aquanoids! Their desire is to mutate the peaceful Atlanteans into ghastly bio-mechanical hybrids. The fate of Atlantis now rests on one brave warrior.

Atlantean is a fast action horizontal shoot 'em up in the style of Defender and features:
Arcade quality action
Full chip generated soundtrack
Four epic underwater worlds
Stunning parallax scrolling
Endurance mode
Bonus levels
Impressive bosses to battle

Atlantean is released on the homebrew AbCARD, the first ever PC Engine HuCARD released in 20 years!

Our new board design has gone well! So well in fact, that the place we get plastic from is out of stock, and has halted our 3D printing. We are anxiously awaiting more plastic so we can continue to print cards to have available for online purchase. Please check here, Facebook, or Twitter for updates! You can also e-mail us directly to ask.