Aetherbyte is a small group of people with a love of classic videogaming. We are the very image of a homebrew software team and are passionate about creating authentic software for older systems (particularly the TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine), as well as retro styled games for modern PCs and consoles.

We would like to thank everyone who supports the homebrew community and the games that they produce, and we hope to continue to bring you increasingly exciting games in the future.

The Aetherbyte Team

The founder and driving force of Aetherbyte. Arkhan's multitude of responsibilities include game design, programming and music, along with all the other fiddly stuff such as order processing. Arkhan is the core of the group and the man that gives the green light to new projects. Arkhan got his start programming in AmigaBASIC and QBASIC, and then C/C++ for DOS. He later began experimenting with the Commodore 64 and Apple II, which then led to his arrival in the PC Engine and MSX development scene.

A retired software engineer with 30+ years experience in Industrial Control software, TheOldMan has programmed in most languages from AS360/370 to C#. In his spare time, he has played with most major free dev kits, including the 2600, Coleco, Sony and Nintendo setups. He had also been involved in the PCE scene in the late 90's, leaving after being dismissed as "an AOL newbie". Now he is helping advance OBEY here at Aetherbyte.

The administrator of The PC Engine Software Bible, sunteam_paul has been drawing graphics since the days of the ZX Spectrum and produced several public domain games and demos for the Amiga. Joining the Aetherbyte team to work on Atlantean (and just in time to draw some pictures for Pyramid Plunder), sunteam_paul has become Aetherbyte's primary graphics artist, creating sprite and tile art as well as designing packaging for Aetherbyte's releases. He is also involved in game concepts and design.

Email us at aetherbyte@gmail.com

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